Excursions and workshops
New year's mood of magic
for every day!
We invite You to dive into the magical and fascinating world of Christmas decorations. Visiting our workshop, you will learn when the tradition to celebrate the New Year appeared and how the first Christmas toys looked like. You will learn about specific features of this holiday in different countries of the world.
In the glass-blowing workshop, you will see a glass ball or a glass figure being born in the flames of fire.
The master will share with You secrets of this profession: how he creates such fragile and at the same time durable workpieces.
After blowing out glass workpieces, we will go to the next room for metallization.
Then, we will find ourselves in the third workshop. This is the smallest room of the entire production. Here, our specialists take products using feelers, dip them in a desired paint or varnish, and then stick feelers holding the balls into the sand. In the vertical position, a toy is painted evenly without any stains.
The paint dries for 15-20 minutes.
And finally, we get to the art painting workshop, where the glass form comes to life under the artist's brush and turns into an amazing Christmas tree toy.
You will learn how ideas for creating a particular painting are born.
Экскурсионная программа
с мастер-классом по росписи ёлочной игрушки
500 RUB./person
Дети до 5 (пяти) лет посещают программу
по одному билету со взрослым
1 hour 30 minutes
The size of the group:
for an excursion
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