About Us
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"The Christmas Apple" is a place where unique handmade Christmas decorations are created – glass balls, glass and wooden toys.

We are Dmitry and Olga. It all started with a family workshop a few years ago. Today, we have a team of masters: glass blowers, artists, designers and sales specialists.

We are located in the most ancient city of Russia – Velikiy Novgorod, in the heart of the Russian land, in the center of origin of many folk trades and crafts.
Why "The Christmas Apple"?
The very history of glass Christmas balls origin gave us this wonderful name - "The Christmas Apple". Until the middle of the XVIII century, Christmas trees were decorated only with "edible" decorations. The branches were beautifully decorated with ripe and juicy apples as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Once the year turned out to be poor. Then glassblowers from the town of Lauscha in Thuringia came to the rescue and blew Christmas apples out of the glass. Until now, Christmas "apples" delight You on the Christmas tree.
A fairy tale comes to life in every toy
When looking at the shiny, sparkling, like a mirror, delicate and elegant Christmas tree ball, in every adult can wake up a child; memories from childhood spin in the soul and a desire to touch magic again appears. If you look closely, each of our toys tells its own story, you can feel its "soul". And this is not surprising, because every workpiece is made by hand, a lot of effort and warmth is lent to it. You will immediately feel it, just take it in your hands!
A revival of traditions
"Oh! They are so light!"- we often hear from our customers. Yes, our balls are really light, but they are quite durable. And believe me, not every master can achieve this. Let's tell You a little secret…
In the late 80's of the IXX century, a famous glass factory was founded by the Kruzhenkov brothers in the Novgorod province. The best Russian and Czech craftsmen worked in it, and the products were delivered not only to Russian cities and the Imperial court, but also to Germany, as well as Iran, Mongolia and other Asian countries. After the revolution, the plant was nationalized, and in the 90-ies appeared to be no longer required by anyone. On the" ruins " of the factory, we managed to find such valuable archives that describe standards for manufacturing glass products. This information, in addition to the skill of our glass blowers, allow us to achieve amazing strength of glass having amazing lightness of the product.
Build up your collection
On our website you can choose any balls and toys you like – just write a message in the feedback form. We will immediately contact you and discuss all delivery details. On new year's Eve, we extensively participate at fairs in shopping malls "Mega", "Summer", "Gallery", "Vegas", etc. In addition, twice a year we will be happy to see You at our stand at the international exhibition "Gifts" in Gostiny Dvor (Moscow). You cannot have enough Christmas toys!